Bumper Agenda for Area Committee Meet

News on Chiswick House Grounds, the tennis courts, Christmas Lights, new local traffic calming measures, Crossrail and a host of other local issues

The Agenda for next Wednesday’s Chiswick Area Committee meeting includes a great number of issues that have already been raised here on the front page or discussed by users of the forum. With this in mind, we have listed below issues of particular interest that will be discussed at the CAC meeting.

There will be a major announcement on the state of Chiswick House Grounds. Representatives from English Heritage and Hounslow Borough Council will be presenting plans, subject to funding, to dramatically improve the grounds. They aim to create a charitable trust that will oversee a sustainable project to improve the grounds and facilities for the local community and beyond, restoring this internationally significant historic estate.

In addition a Hounslow Council spokesperson has suggested that the update on Chiswick Back Common Tennis Courts will include some very positive news.

Agenda for Chiswick Area Committee
Wednesday, 25 June 2003 7:30 pm, Chiswick Town Hall

• Presentation from Committee on the Future of Chiswick House Grounds
• Christmas Lights
• Traffic Calming Measures including
o Abinger Road
o Strand on the Green School

• Crossrail update
• Former public conveniences on Turnham Green
• Chiswick Back Common Tennis Courts – verbal update
• Chiswick Library – update
• Presentation by the Ambulance Service
• Area Committee Grants
• Capital Bids including
o CIP based capital bids
o Friends of Dukes Meadows

www.chiswickw4.com will report relevant information following the meeting

Public Forum

The Open Forum will take place as close as possible to 9.00 p.m. for approximately 20 minutes.

Members of the public may raise matters of local concern. Please bear in mind the guidelines for public participation and that it may not be possible to have a detailed discussion or response at the meeting. Points raised will be noted and used to inform the work of the Area Committee.

Protocol for the Open Forum
1. Written items to be submitted where possible. ( Proformas will be available at the back of the hall).
2. Where they are so submitted this should be by 8.30 p.m.
3. Speakers will be allowed at the Chair’s discretion.
4. The Chair will normally only allow one contribution per person per item and one item per person per meeting.
5. Items on the main agenda should not be raised in the open forum.
6. Items where the debate cannot be contained within the public forum may be continued at a future forum or may be put on a future agenda with an officer’s report.

June 18, 2003

Local Government in Chiswick

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