Chiswick to Benefit from Spending Bonanza

£400,000 available to improve the High Road Environment


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Local Government in Chiswick


Chiswick is getting a New Year's bonus this year with around £400,000 available to spend on improvements to areas around the High Road.

Part of the money comes from Transport for London and needs to be spent by the end of this year. Councillors will be asked to consider a range of proposals at the area committee meeting which takes place on 7th January.

The funds may be used specifically for environmental improvements to Chiswick High Road as part of the Green Areas Initiatives. This initiative aims to improve the environment and provide improved facilities for pedestrians, cyclist and the public transport users and operators.

In addition to these funds over the past few years the Area Committee has agreed to funds from various S106 schemes to be held together in a single budget for Environmental Improvements that would enhance the characteristic and create an impact on the quality of public spaces in Chiswick. The views of local people are being sought on how to spend this money. You can make your suggestions on-line on Hounslow Council's questionnaire.

Peter Thompson, vice-Chair of the Chiswick Area Committee, said, "I'm sure everyone in Chiswick has their list of priorities for the local area and we want to hear them. Of course, there isn't enough money to do everything that we want but this process will give us a better view of local issues and how important they are to local residents. I'm confident that the response will influence future decisions made by the Chiswick Committee."

Proposals for the Green Areas Initiatives include the following:

Chiswick Lane / Acton Lane - Completion of the scheme started 2002/03 and further enhancement proposed with tree planting & street furniture, estimated budget £60k

Essex Place -Proposal to improve pedestrian access with the reconstruction of the existing carriageway and create a shared use area for shoppers and delivery vehicles, improved signage and soft landscaping and containerised planting, estimated budget £75k

Chiswick High Road junction with Heathfield Terrace - Proposal to improve the pedestrian crossing facility with new surfacing, signage and street furniture, estimated budget £25k

Chiswick High Road, Southside, Devonshire Road to Annandale Road - Proposal to remove the raised planted bed and create a pedestrian area that would provide a summer café area / winter parking area, reconstruction and improvement to the footways and carriageway to match the surrounding area, tree planting. estimated budget £75k (e) Chiswick

High Road junction with Chiswick Lane Proposal to enhance the open space with additional containerised planting and the introduction of a cycle lane, estimated budget £25k

Chiswick High Road, various locations - Proposal to enhance the environment at various locations along Chiswick High Road to bring uniformity to the Streetscene with improvements to general paving, containerised planting, lighting, cycle parking, pedestrian signage and street furniture, particularly at pedestrian crossings. The provision of improved gateway signage and signage to alternative routes for through traffic, estimated budget £40k.

More details of these plans including maps can be found in the full report on the Council web site.

The public are welcome to attend the meeting at the Town Hall at 7.30pm on Wednesday 7th January where these proposals will be discussed. Additional suggestions from the public given through the on-line response form will be collated in a report to be considered by Councillors at a later date.

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December 31, 2003