Cardinal Gives Special Thanks to Local Parents

Our Ladys Church in Chiswick was packed to the rafters for the hostoric visit of Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor to Mass this Sunday.

The Cardinal had insisted on coming to the 9.45 family service and Parish Priest, Fr. Michael Johnson had been concerned about a low turnout because of the half term holiday. In fact it was standing room only as a congregation estimated to be in excess of 1,000 packed into the Church.

In his sermon Cardinal Murphy O'Connor said that in his two year's of visiting parishes since becoming a Cardinal he had never been to a Mass where so many families with children were in attendance.


The Cardinal talks to parishoners on the High Road after Mass

His message centred on the important role that parents play and he praised and thanked them for their efforts. At the end of Mass he asked the children to come up and sit with him at the altar and explained to them the meaning of Lent and Easter.

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