Cycle challenge with fund-raising in Mind

Chiswick based Kristian Moller-Butcher and his friend Nick are setting off this week for a cycling trip up the world's largest volcano

To cycle from Central America to South America, that is the challenge disenchanted Chiswick based, Kristian, 28, a computer programmer, and Nick, 30, a systems analyst, have set themselves.

The pair decided to embark this week on this sweaty endurance test in a final bid to enjoy themselves before work took over and saving for a pension fund became the priority!

Both guys, who have been on backpacking holidays before, wanted their trip to be a physical and mental challenge - and something they could be proud of.

The goal is to cycle from Cancun, Mexico, to Lima, Peru. The route winds its way through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and Peru, missing out drug torn Columbia. The chosen route takes in countries which are diverse in natural beauty, historic treasures and politics. In Ecuador they will take on a series of five climbs on some of the world's largest volcanoes and mountains. Mounts Catopaxi and Chimborazo will be the highlight.

Ecuador is the gateway to the Galapagos Islands which, budget permitting, Nick and Kristian hope to visit. From Ecuador they will cycle to Lima to start the famous Inca trail where the adventure will end.

Nick and Kristian will be totally unsupported for the whole trip. They will have to rely on their wits, strength and each other. The arduous task is no mean undertaking and will stretch their spirit of adventure to the limits.

But they are not just doing this for themselves. They will be sponsored, by people like you, to raise money for Mind, the UKs leading mental health charity. Their motivation is simple.

About 10 years ago Kristian's father was diagnosed with dementia. Kristian and his family have experienced first hand the effects of mental health problems and the devastating consequences this has on the sufferer and the people around them. It has taken a huge amount of resources, understanding and effort from his family to give his father an acceptable quality of life.

If you pledge some money to Mind using the online form the guys will drop you an email when they make diary updates so you can follow their progress. The frequency of the updates will depend on internet access which may not be very often so their is no fear of being spammed by them!

On their return they will email all sponsors and request you to pay up, by making cheques payable to Mind.

May 9, 2003

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