Got time for a 'tete a tete'?

Friends of Harvard Hill Park plans neighbourhood tidy up

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Community group, Friends of Harvard Hill Park (FHHP) plans a neighbourhood day of gardening and tidying to help residents get to know their local park.

Chatting is encouraged while the business of planting 2000 double headed ‘tete a tete’ daffodil bulbs takes place on Saturday, 12 November, 2:00-4:00p.m. in Harvard Hill Park. Chosen for their impact—these daffs stand a foot high—these blooms will brighten the park next spring.

Volunteers are asked to bring their ‘tete’ with them, wear gloves and bring along a rake and spade. Children’s activities will be provided. (The entrance to Harvard Hill Park is on Wolseley Gardens, mid-block.)

This local park has already seen the benefit of a £10,000 grant given by the Council last February—a replacement gate has been fitted on Harvard Hill Road, and three new rubbish bins plus a new dog bin have been added. Further renovation is planned on the front entranceway with a re-landscaping plan, a new front gate and signage.

The children’s play area is due a new springer animal and 2 large shrub beds. Works are due to begin mid-November by CIP.


28 July, 2005