Intrepid Chiswick trio complete London Marathon

Three Chiswick residents all completed their first marathons last Sunday. Mike Ridley, Andy Pieroux and Julian Budd all finished in excellent times and were able to hobble to the Tabard in the evening to delight their friends and admirers with tales of their exploits.

Mike Ridley, pictured left, was running in support of two charities: Coram Family - the central London charity for disadvantaged children supported originally by Chiswicks own local hero 'Hogarth' and Norcap (The National Organisation for Adoptees and Parents ). Mike completed the course in 4 hours 50 minutes which put him ahead of Frank Bruno.

Andy Pieroux (centre) completed the course in 4 hours and 55 minutes. Despite limited training and having to break work commitments in Birmingham to compete, he still managed to beat Nick Bailey, the actor who plays the doctor in Eastenders .


The Triumphant trio

Jules Budd (right) managed to cross the finishing line in the excellent time of 4 hours 38 minutes which was in front of Francois Pienaar, the ex-South African Rugby World Cup captain. This time was all the more admirable as he had injured his knee and was unable to train for 8 weeks before the marathon. After 2 months off, the 26+ miles must have seemed formidable but Jules ran the entire way. He was supporting the charity James' Wonderful Wish and Daneline. Unfortunately, the James mentioned in the charity died 4 weeks ago but his family were at the race, cheering Jules on.

My Left Foot, as improvised by Mike. The over-exposure is to spare those with delicate constitutions. Those with excellent sight will be able to spot the prominent blister on the outside of Mike's big toe.

Despite the pain the three experienced, they all agreed on one thing: they would be running again next year.




Also, Susan Henderson completed the course in 5hrs 1min & 42 seconds and once all her sponsorship money is in she will have raised over £3000 for MacMillan Cancer Relief. She said, "The whole experience was fantastic although the last 10 miles were really tough. I did overtake Floella Benjamin at 25 miles (on the Embankment) but given that she is probably about 25 years older than me I'm not sure that this is hugely impressive."

If you are a local person who ran in the Marathon, let us know.

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