Magician Al Woodrow and Richard Briers

Chiswick Community Nursery managed a major coup having local luminary Richard Briers open their annual May Fair. Richard Briers is currently starring in a run of 'Bedroom Farce' in the West End and had both a matinee and an evening performance to do today. so it was exceedingly noble of him to forego a lie-in and support this worthy cause.

This May fair is the major source of income for the nursery which ceased to receive a council grant 3 years ago. The nursery needs to top up its funds in order to provide affordable child care to local parents. Besides this annual fair, they run numerous other fund-raising activities.


Chiswick has been Richard's home for 40 years and he can often be seen round and about. Eschewing diva-like behaviour, Richard commutes to the theatre every night by tube and is a supporter of the campaign to get the Piccadilly line to stop at Turnham Green.

Richard has also lent his support to a local initiative to encourage the use of non-disposable nappies. He rather naughtily revealed that, like Madonna, he had never actually changed a nappy in his life.


Richard Briers as Hector in Monarch of the Glen
Richard Briers jollies things along


The magician, Al Woodrow, also donated his time today. Al is a gold star member of the Inner Magic Circle and has worked with Tommy Cooper and Paul Daniels. Today he entertained the children with his balloon sculptures and a rather fetching rabbit puppet.

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