Pensioners Alone At Christmas

Community comes together to give senior citizens a day to remember

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Pensioners Alone at Christmas


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The annual Pensioners Alone At Christmas party was a resounding success once again this year with over 60 guests including a 99 year old lady.

The day, which was supported by many local businesses including Devonshire Road's independent traders as well as Waitrose and families from Chiswick & Bedford Park Prep School, was ‘run like clockwork’ by Pauline Hart and her trusted group of volunteers who so generously gave their time.

Pauline said, “Thank you to so many people who have made this Christmas so special for Pensioners Alone At Christmas in Chiswick. We have been so well supported by Local Organisations with funding and help.

She went onto to say, “I would like to thank Chiswick & Bedford Park School who sent us a money to help pay for presents and mini bus hire for example. Also I would like to thank Mike Moran and the Devonshire Road Traders who donated money and lots and lots of food gifts which we included in our guests’ gift bags to take home.”

She added, “This year has been very special thank you all so much, also to which has made this possible.”

Waitrose donated all the food, drink and many of the presents given to the pensioners on Christmas Day. “The food was so tasty and our four cooks enjoyed cooking the turkeys they were so well prepared as well as all the other food,” said Pauline, “It was so appreciated that they delivered all the food to the centre, it made the organisation of the party so much easier. So thank you Waitrose on behalf of all the guests and volunteers. We look forward to shopping with you in the future!”

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Mary McLeod accompanied Chiswick Cllrs John Todd and Gerald McGregor to the party. She said, Mary said, "Cllr John Todd, Cllr Gerald McGregor and I were delighted to join the pensioners on Christmas day at the ‘Pensioners Alone at Christmas’ lunch. It was a superb day and the pensioners I met were thrilled to have a Christmas lunch organised for them and to get together for a fun afternoon with each other. Well done to Pauline for her dedication and commitment over the years, to the donors and also the volunteers who helped make it all possible. They made Christmas day yet again, really special for so many.”

The 2009 Christmas Day party will mark the 25th anniversary of the first ever Pensioners Alone At Christmas.

January 5, 2009