The Secret Gardens of Chiswick Mall

A rare chance to see some of the most beautiful gardens in Chiswick

Lingard House, Chiswick Mall, W4.

On June 1st, some of the best privately owned gardens on Chiswick Mall will be open to the public. These beautiful gardens are only opened to the public once a year. The gardens include those at Lingard House, 16 Eyot Gardens and Eyot Cottage. Click for map

As well as the chance to see some awe-inspiring flora, there will be the opportunity to buy unusual plants and enjoy a home-made tea.

The gardens are part of the National Gardens Scheme: this scheme has been opening fine gardens to the public to raise money for charity or 75 years.

The idea creatively entwines two strands of our heritage - the national passion for gardening, and the deeply embedded desire to help those in need.

The Scheme's continuing success in raising funds for its beneficiaries indicates how relevant those enthusiasms remain today. For years the entrance fee was held at one shilling.

16 Eyot Gardnes, W4

Although there was massive inflation in the post-war years, it took a great deal of persuasion during the 1960s and 1970s for the idea of a more realistic entrance fee to be accepted.

Once it was, the Scheme began raising significant amounts. "You don't need to be a devoted gardener to be interested in all of this - garden openings are simply a beautiful and relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

Some people just visit gardens for the delicious home-made teas often on offer!

And always, at the back of your mind when you visit an NGS garden, is the pleasant knowledge that your money (usually around £2 nowadays, rather than 5p or 'a shilling') is going to help a whole range of good causes, from providing cancer relief to training National Trust gardeners.

June 1st from 2pm - 6pm

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