Sophie, Ben, and Other Problems

Debut production by new theatre company at the Tabard Theatre

rehearsal pics from Sophie, Ben and Other Problems

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The After School Club is a new theatre company started by Mancunian pair Dylan Morris and Andrew Patrick-Walker.

Their debut production, “Sophie, Ben and Other Problems” by Conor Burke is showing at The Tabard Theatre, from 10th – 14th of April.

The play follows unlikely couple Ben and Sophie who have been invited to speak to local university students about what it means to be in love in 2018.

They love each other a lot despite their differences, but sometimes, they make it a bit too difficult for themselves.

The twenty somethings break the fourth wall to guide us through their lives of low-key alcoholism, deeply rooted regret and unfortunate sexual mishaps.

Company founders Dylan and Andrew met at Pendleton College in Salford 8 years ago and created The After School Club in 2017 with the simple aim of telling stories that both challenge and entertain. They want to create provocative theatre that doesn’t isolate or patronise and champions new writing.

“Being northern and working class seemed to be a bit of a novelty, which should have been great for people like us but I remember being told by one particular agent after meeting them they “already had another northern girl on their books".It was disheartening to think that I wouldn’t be seen as anything other than my accent. So we came together, had a brew and decided to take creative control and create our own opportunities.” explains Dylan.

They've teamed up with Irish playwright Conor Burke. Last year, Conor was the youngest writer to write and perform in the International Dublin Gay Festival with his one man play Leaving Narnia. Sophie, Ben and Other Problems is Conor's second play, written on the Soho Theatre’s Writer’s Lab course.

The play is showing every evening at 7:30pm from 10th-14th April with a Saturday Matinee at 4pm.

Tickets are £12 (£10 concession) with an offer of £8 tickets on opening night.

April 8, 2018


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