Twinkling Teaspoons And Naughty Knives

Susan Stanley Carroll enjoyed a 'scrumptious' treat at the Tabard's summer family play

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Tickets: £12
Concessions: £8
Suitable for 4 years and up
Box Office number: 020 8995 6035

Wednesdays to Sundays at 11am & 1pm
Saturdays and Sundays, extra show at 3pm
Running time 45 minutes, no interval

The Tabard Theatre

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In what can be considered as a coup for Chiswick’s very own Tabard Theatre, this brand new play ‘Meet the Teaspoons’ will no doubt be a huge success. Its quirky plot line, laugh out loud moments and musical madness should be a breath of fresh air for young children and their parents.

If you haven’t seen it yet, get your tickets now. Get them for your children, or, if you are like me, your grand children. Be ready for an absorbing and charismatic theatre production of Lotte Moore’s original book dramatised and directed by Nick Bromley.

poster for meet the teaspoons

You might just need to suspend your disbelief as you watch this short children’s play that cheered up the rain soaked audience on a Thursday morning. I dripped in with my two Grandsons (7 and 5 years old) and we plonked ourselves down in the small but cosy Tabard Theatre.

At first, my 7 year old wasn’t keen, “I’m not remotely interested in the lives of spoons and knives Grandma”. My 5 year old responded, “Well, I’d prefer to be in the garden looking for worms”.

However, with the set ‘setting’ the scene, and the audience slowly recognising its new habitat, the oldest grandson joyfully got it: “We’re sitting in a kitchen Grandma, we’re next to the fridge!”

tabaard meet the teaspoons image

Cuckoos and croissants

Perfectly paced, this delightful story about tea spoons, knives, a croissant, a random cuckoo and all things culinary is an utter hoot. The cast was clearly absorbed in their diverse roles and their enthusiam was contagious as they sung and jived around on the ‘kitchen floor’.

The plot constantly twists and turns, with a plethora of new characters bouncing onto the set… sorry, into the kitchen! And, oh boy, didn’t we all love being pummelled about in the dishwasher (!) as bubbles galore cascaded from the walls.A medley of much loved Nursery rhymes brought this energetic show to an end - and the unexpected twist in the concluding song is a treat not to be revealed.

cast of meet the teaspoons

Watch the kids and cutlery on return home

Yes, at times the quirky plot was a tad whimsy but nevertheless it was truly endearing. So much so, that on arriving home, my cutlery drawer was emptied and pandemonium commenced! Suddenly, it was as if we had returned to the Tabard, as the flitatious Mrs. Teaspoon, a tearful babyteaspoon and a sinister Mr. Sharp cavorted on the real kitchen floor!

It’s impossible to name any particular actor as they all worked with equal amounts of vitality and energy. Their ability to morph enthusiastically into multiple characters was truly inspirational.

Afterwards, one mother said me, “I enjoyed that so much. It was so funny and made me feel normal again.”

True, and the time (45 minutes) just flashed past for me and my two Chikkabiddies.

Congratulations to Lotte Moore whose book inspired Nick Bromley to imaginatively enhance and dramatise her published story. Nick’s innovative direction was stirred along by Ricky Whaites’ rattling, rumbustious music. Nicola Jackson’s witty costumes (Mr.Knife’s tie was a knife) were the icing on the top of this scrumptious children’s show.

The production closes on 26 August – buy those tickets fast!

Susan Stanley-Carroll

August 11, 2018


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