Newly Formed Theatre Company Seeks Funding

To take their first project, Territory, to the Edinburgh Festival


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Fiddy West Productions is a newly formed theatre company based in Chiswick who are hoping to take their first project, 'Territory' up to the Edinburgh Festival in August 2009 after a small tour of local secondary schools.

Fiddy West's Victoria Bays told, "Territory is a new play which observes a group of young boys who spend an evening in local woods.

"The play aims to raise awareness of knife crime in youth culture by appealing to a young audience who may not normally go to the theatre.

"We hope that the Edinburgh festival will be the first step in a long journey for this play as we believe it has potential to be a success."

She added, "If we can make it to Edinburgh we can invite theatre professionals to see our work and get feedback, advice and further opportunities for the play and the company."

Fiddy West are looking for help with the funding of this project. "We need a sum of £5,000. If there is anyone interested in helping us with funding we would be very grateful.

"We really want to make the most of this project as a lot of people have already worked very hard on creating what will we believe will be a great show. Any contribution would be appreciated."

Victoria can be contacted via her email

March 20, 2009