NB Our Flood Warning System is suspended at the moment for technical upgrades; it should be back in action sometime in April in the meantime we will try to post notification of any warnings on the forum

On-line Notification of Flood Warnings

A VW on a flooded Turnham Green Terrace in 1961 before the building of the Thames Barrier*

This site operates a service to notify people of flood warnings on the Thames. All you need to do to sign up is send us an e-mail asking. You don't need to be a member of the site. Just e-mail us again if you want to be taken off.

The Environment Agency's service is not available directly on e-mail as yet but through an arrangement that ChiswickW4.com has with them you can receive notification of when warnings are issued on your computer.

You should not rely on our system as it is not foolproof. However if you want to use it as a back-up to the official system or want to know about flood warnings but don't want to be woken in the middle of the night by a phone call then all you have to do is send a message to the e-mail address above.

If you live in an area such as Strand on the Green or Chiswick Mall which is subject to flood risk then you should consider subscribing to the Environment Agency's voice messaging system as well.

What do the Warnings Mean?

From September 2001 the Environment Agency changed their system of flood warning codes

A Flood Watch warning suggests a chance that the roads and towpaths around the riverside areas are at risk of flooding.

A Flood Warning warning pretty much guarantees that the roads will flood and properties are at risk

A Severe Flood Warning is very rare in our area as the Thames Barrier protects against severe flooding

Flooding on the Thames

Tide patterns on the Thames are predictable - click here for the dates of unusually high tides over the next year.

When it rains heavily it increases the risk of flooding higher up the Thames. To reduce this risk the Environment Agency will redirect excess fresh water into the river. If this coincides with a high tide then the chances are there will be a flood.

How Reliable Would it Be?

Not 100% and don't sue us if it lets you down. It is important to remember that this is a free service and no warranty is offered with it.

* Thanks to Ted Gulliver for this picture


Do you want to be notified of flood warnings.

The Environment Agency's Flood Line is
0845 988 1188

The "Quick Dial" code for this area is 011111 but you need a touch tone phone.

To join the agency's voice messaging system call 8853 4081 or e-mail us and we'll send you the application form.

You can also find out about current warnings on Ceefax pg 419.

Click here for dates of unusually high tides