Local Conservative Campaign Billboards Vandalised

Mystery graffiti artist sprays anti-Tory message outside campaign office


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Election billboards outside the Conservative Party headquarters on Chiswick High Road were vandalised early today (April 28). The slogan 'not fit for office' was sprayed on the billboards.

The incident was condemned by the Chairman of the Brentford & Isleworth Conservative Association, Cllr Robert Oulds who said; "Somebody doesn't want us to get our message across, but it won't stop the campaign to get Mary Macleod re-elected."

The graffiti has been cleaned off

He said the graffiti had been cleaned up and the billboards were back to their original condition.

"The effect of this vandalism was short-lived. Clearly we're not in any way cowed by this- it was not significant", he said.

He could not recall anything similar ever happening in Chiswick. The incident was not reported to the police.

"The signs are all looking great again and we're back to normal," he said.

In another incident election posters were torn down outside Cllr Sam Hearn's home last week.

Meanwhile Mary Macleod was busy campaigning on the issue of unsafe roads in the borough. She has urged Hounslow Council to take a closer look at streets that need to be repaired saying;

"The Council needs to rethink their strategy for improving roads in the Borough. I’ve spoken with a great many residents, particularly in Isleworth, who fear that their streets have become a danger to motorists and pedestrians. It wasn’t long ago that Hounslow Council were awarded a huge sum of money to resurface all of the roads in the Borough so why are they continuing to shell out taxpayers’ money to resurface the same roads over and over again? Although the weather is getting warmer, the winter has done serious damage to our roads. Our local streets are a priority for residents so the Council must sit up and listen!”

The general election takes place on May 7th. The candidates for the Brentford & Isleworth constituency are: Joseph Bourke (Liberal Democrat), Ruth Cadbury (Labour), Daniel Goldsmith (Green Party ), Richard Hendron (UKIP), Mary Macleod (Conservative)

April 28, 2015

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