Action Group To Carry Out Survey On Parking In Chiswick

Local traders also want more support from Hounslow Council


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The Chiswick High Road Action Group is to carry out a survey into parking following an open meeting last week in which the subject of parking, traffic and air pollution were high on the list of concerns.

About 60 people, including traders, representatives from Hounslow Council and members of the public attended the meeting. Full details are available on their website

The meeting also discussed the situation of traders and the possibility of making Chiswick into a BID (Business Improvement District). A proposal to ask Hounslow Council to appoint a Town Centre Manager will also be followed up.

Several  businesses expressed their dissatisfaction with Hounslow Council's treatment of Chiswick businesses, and there was a consensus that this should improve. The traders were pleased to be talking together and to feel supported by the local community. Local MP Mary Macleod's recent meeting between councillors and traders was welcomed, and it was noted that this was to continue with further meetings.

The shop front guidelines for Chiswick High road were explained and everyone was encouraged to keep a look out for places where they are not being followed. CHRAG is monitoring planning applications and trying to encourage the council and traders to follow the guidelines.

The new planning legislation and possible extensions to it was explained, in particular the change of use. 

The threat to Chiswick from the massive development planned for the new Brentford Stadium was discussed, and its implications for traffic and infrastructure in Chiswick. All were encouraged to write to their councillors with their views, bearing in mind that Brentford Football Club was encouraging its fans and the council might get the impression that the development is universally supported. Details and link for responses are on the CHRAG website. There was nothing new to report on the "Sainsbury's site", aka Blockbusters block, and the council confirmed there had been no further applications, or pre-application discussions.

Parking was of great interest. There was also a lot of support for cycling and bussing to the High Road and there was a general agreement that parking, traffic and air pollution were important issues for Chiswick. CHRAG intends to carry out a survey of into parking, in order to inform representations to the council, and Chiswick residents, visitors and traders will be encouraged to provide their responses shortly.

Those who wish to subscribe to the mailing list can do so on so CHRAG can provide useful information from time to time about matters concerning the Chiswick High Road area and also get feedback.


Find CHRAG on Facebook and Twitter accounts to follow their activities and have your say.

September 16, 2013