Chiswick's 'Trump' Trumps Trump

'Pugnacious' character unmoved by birthday celebration for owner


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Chiswick may not have a Trump Towers but it is almost certainly the only place in the UK to have a statue to a 'Trump'.

The President-Elect of the United States is probably unaware that he has a 'namesake', also a pugnacious character, who previously resided in W4.

'Trump' was William Hogarth's favourite pug and today members of the Hogarth Trust laid a wreath of flowers at the base of the statue to the artist and his dog, to mark Hogarth's 319th birthday.

statue of hogarths dog Trump

Statue of Hogarth's pug Trump

"Chiswick definitely got the nicer Trump" declared the chairman of the Trust, Val Bott as the group reflected on the connection, though the character in question remained unmoved by the fuss.

Donald Trump

Some of the group felt that if Hogarth were still alive, he would be unable to resist the temptation to pen a satirical cartoon of the human Trump, especially as 'Trump' is slang for 'breaking wind' in some parts of the UK.

Donald Trump does have a dog, a Labrador named Spinee.

William Hogarth was a philanthropist, campaigner against injustice and cruelty, an artist, and a satirist, who spent many happy years in Chiswick, where his house is now open to the public.

hogarth trust group at statue of hogarth

The members of the Hogarth Trust at the wreath laying at the statue

A famous self portrait dating from the mid-1730s, entitled The Painter And His Pug is currently on display at the Tate Gallery, which shows the artist with his faithful companion Trump by his side.

Pugs were first bred in China and imported into the UK as lap dogs in the 17th century -they were very different in appearance to the wrinkly faced, curly-tailed breed of today. The breed was a particular favourite of Queen Victoria and they are known for being sociable and gentle in temperament.


November 10, 2016

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