'The Great Dog and the Man' - Hogarth and Pugs

Exploring the relationship between the artist and his dog

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A talk entitled 'The Great Dog and the Man':
Hogarth and Pugs will be held at Hogarth’s House on Wednesday, 5 October from

Join the curator of ‘Pug’s Progress: William Hogarth and Animals’ for this talk on William Hogarth and his beloved pugs.

Stephanie Howard-Smith will explore the artist William Hogarth’s relationship with the pug dog, immortalised in several of his prints and paintings. The most famous image of Hogarth is his 1745 self-portrait with his pug, Trump, and the artist was closely associated with these dogs during his life and has continued to be since his death in 1764.

The talk will also look at the history of the pug, which arrived in Britain in the late seventeenth century and was considered to be almost extinct in Britain less than a hundred years later.

The talk will be 45 minutes long followed by a 15 minute Q&A session.

Stephanie Howard-Smith is a PhD student at Queen Mary University of London, currently writing her thesis on lapdogs in the eighteenth century. Stephanie is an Exhibitions and Collections Consultant at Hogarth’s House.

October 1, 2016

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