Hounslow Council's Future Transport Plans

A report on the public meeting to outline what may be in store for the borough


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Hounslow Council presented its future transport plans this week, part of a wide-ranging consultation that includes detailed plans for the next three years and an overview of long-term initiatives for the period up to 2041. This forms part of the Local Implementation Plan (LIP3) which the borough must do to show how it proposes to deliver the objectives of the Mayor’s overall transport strategy.

The evening was well presented and attended by most of the transport department, and sparsely attended by residents, mostly representatives of environmental groups, along with councillors (though none from Chiswick). The consultation remains open until 2 January (it started on 5 November) and you can add your views.

The Mayor’s three main goals are:
- Healthy Streets and healthy people
- A good public transport experience
- New homes and jobs

Hounslow’s main problems, and these are definitely also felt in Chiswick are poor air quality, congestion, severance (being cut into two by the A4, A316 etc) and orbital transport links (it’s easier to get in to London than across to Ealing). On the positive side, the council is anticipating increased investment (although this is accompanied by growth in population), a shift to active travel (they hope from 56% to 71%), and upgrades to various tube and rail lines. The emphasis will be on healthy, clean and green transport, reducing injuries and fatalities, and more efficient existing networks.

Specific policies within the next three years include a borough-wide implementation of 20mph on most roads, road safety courses for children and goods vehicle drivers , sustainable travel programmes with businesses and communities, better and more accessible streets (public realm, dropped kerbs, etc).

Two major bids have gone in for the Liveable Neighbourhoods scheme, a substantial funding package from the Mayor.

The borough’s plan is to develop an active travel network, developing a series of cycle routes linking town centres, key employment sites and transport hubs (a Priority Cycle Network). Pedestrian access is to be improved. The bus network is to be made more efficient. There are several substantial rail enhancement proposals. There is to be active support for traffic restrictions on residential roads. There will be support for Electric vehicles.

A Workplace Parking Levy for the large businesses in the Great West Corridor could bring in substantial revenue, and also discourage car use. This has to be approved, but could be an interesting development.

What did the Chiswick attendees think? Karen Liebreich MBE, of Abundance London commented: “Chiswick needs to find the equilibrium between the distinctiveness we all appreciate, and playing its part within an overall Hounslow and London transport policy. I thought the proposals were positive but not ambitious enough. We need to take the issue of climate change and pollution far more seriously, and transport is a big part of that.”

Michael Robinson of Chiswick commented: "it was good to see a joined up plan for a borough cycle network but the real test of this will be implementation."

December 14, 2018

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