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The Hunger Project invites you to free two hour workshop

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Chiswick-based charity, The Hunger Project UK, invites local residents to take part in a free leadership workshop, “Rethinking What’s Possible”, led by internationally acclaimed speaker and educator Dr Joanna Martin, on Friday 11 March.

The Hunger Project invites you to free two hour workshop

"'Rethinking What's Possible' takes the idea of 'teach a man to fish' and flips it upside down, sideways and backward” – Kevin Salwen, author of ‘The Power of Half’.

The interactive two-hour session challenges assumptions about what limits our capacity. With all the reasons why it may not be possible, people living in poverty are rethinking what is possible. Workshop participants will discover lessons from the women and men who are transforming entire communities despite having limited resources, education and positional authority.

“We believe that the most outstanding examples of courageous and effective leadership-producing and transformational outcomes today, are happening in the remote, rural villages where The Hunger Project works,” says Sophie Noonan, local resident and Director of The Hunger Project UK.

The Hunger Project is one of the world’s largest leadership and training organisations working throughout Africa, South Asia, and Latin America, committed to empowering people to end their own hunger. Working in 24,000 villages and impacting 19 million people, The Hunger Project has developed a unique and highly strategic approach to leadership.

Now, the organisation has decoded these lessons in leadership for a UK setting, bringing the village classroom here, and that same ability to move from “I can’t”, to “I can”, to “We can”, is now available to people in Britain.

“Whether you live in a rural village in India, or an international city such as London, there is a leader inside of you who is capable of the most profound transformation, be it in family, organisation or world,” says Sophie. “The “Rethinking What’s Possible” workshop is for individuals who want to lift the lid off being extraordinary.”

The free workshop will take place on Friday 11th March from 12.30pm to 2.30pm at Chiswick Business Park. To reserve one of the 45 tickets available, contact sophie.noonan@thp.org or register online.

March 5, 2016

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