Jeremy Vine Stopped for Speeding on His Bicycle

Radio presenter was caught doing 16mph in Hyde Park


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Chiswick-based BBC presenter was stopped by police today for speeding. Officers had tracked him with a hand-held radar doing 16mph in a 5mph zone in Hyde Park on his bicycle. He was released without charge.

Jeremy at the Chiswick Summer Fair

The host of BBC Radio 2's midday show apologised to police and related on Twitter later how he was accused by his producer of 'living on the edge' when he told him what had happened.

Jeremy Vine is a keen cyclist who often talks about bike safety on his radio show and on Twitter. He said afterwards on radio, “I feel embarrassed and I apologise. I didn’t see any signs. I certainly will be cycling as slow as walking pace in future.”

However later on Twitter he said, "If cyclists are forced to travel at walking pace, they will return to the roads and mix it with trucks."

He also posted a short film of the incident on video web site Vine (no relation).


November 20, 2014

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