Jon Perry's Chiswick Photo Walks

Local photographer offers enthusiasts the chance to join him


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If you ever walk around Chiswick and spot local scenes that would make excellent photographs but feel you do not have the technical skills to capture them, then Jon Perry has the answer.

The local photographer whose charity Chiswick calender (with Ian Wylie) was hugely popular, has started a group of local walks and talks to answer the demand from local photography enthusiasts.

The idea was sparked off by the number of ChiswickW4 forum readers who were interested in capturing local images but felt they needed help.

Icy morning by Jon Perry

Jon says the walks can be run to suit individual arrangements and can look at various aspects of the nature of photography, which could include seasonal light changes or subjects preferred by the applicants, such as night time, dawn, dusk, indoor, outdoor etc.

The times can be varied, though he can offer regular sessions on Saturday mornings and has the facility to work indoors if the weather is not conducive to walking. He can offer advice on moving away from traditional genres such as landscape, street, or portrait, to technically advanced areas of photography including working with light and and composition (how to appeal to the eye).

"In the walks and talks I attempt to cover a broad spectrum and aim to be as flexible as possible following the wishes of  those seeking my advice. The idea is to have fun as well as learning. It has to be enjoyable. I like to talk about the artistic side as well as the technical. And I like  to try and convey the way the camera thinks so we can outwit it when necessary. For those who want I am happy to go deeper into the theory."

Jon's love of photography started when he was a pupil in Holland Park School aged fourteen.

"My primary love at the time was drawing and painting. I was always drawing. So photography became an extension of that love. Representing the world in two dimensions."

Anyone who is interested in Jon Perry's Chiswick walks should email him at;

January 19, 2013

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