The Hunt Is On For Missing Chiswick 'Leaves'

Mystery surrounds disappearance of table extension


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Missing cats and dogs are often featured on posters around Chiswick but rarely do people find themselves seeking the public's help to find a vanished piece of furniture.

The 'leaves' in question form part of a dining table owned by a family in Chiswick, who are baffled at the disappearance.

The mystery has even been featured on the BBC where Radio Two radio presenter Ken Bruce this week held a tongue-in-cheek discussion on the 'Great Chiswick Autumn Leaves mystery'.

The radio station was tipped off by Chiswick journalist Ian Wylie, who saw it posted on Twitter by Alastair Hilton of Winkworths who had noticed the ' intriguing' poster seeking the public's assistance.

The local resident who owns the table explains; My daughter had a party a couple of weeks ago, on Friday 1st Nov, and during the party the extension leaves for our kitchen/dining table went missing. We didn’t actually spot this until the next morning and couldn’t understand where they could possibly be."

"We have since discovered that some of the kids took them out onto the pavement to sit on, and they got left out there. Presumably someone saw them early the next morning (they were gone by 10am when I went out), and thinking that they had been thrown out, helped themselves to them.

"We are hoping that someone will read this and perhaps still has them – or perhaps they ended up on a bonfire somewhere."

The family would like anyone with any information to call 07443 411367

You can hear the BBC Radio 2 programme;,

November 15, 2013

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