Supermarket Giant Lidl Considering A Store For Chiswick

The discount store is expanding and is looking for a suitable site locally


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Chiswick is on the radar for Lidl, the German discount giant which is doubling its stores in London.

The company has listed W4 on its property brochure in which it says that it is looking for 281 new locations within the M25 as part of its ongoing expansion.

Supermarket Giant Lidl Considering A Store For Chiswick

A spokesperson said Chiswick was one of the areas being considered but at present the company was looking for suitable sites in a number of areas, across London and it depended on availability of suitable sites.

Lidl is generally associated with bulk buying and usually has a large car-park. However this is not always the case in London. There are currently three smaller Lidl stores in the Tooting/Balham area and it is thought that the company would be open to the option of siting a smaller store locally if a large site with parking could not be found.

Many shoppers from Chiswick currently travel to West Ealing or to Kingston upon Thames to shop at Lidl.

At present there are 620 Lidl stores in the UK (not including Northern Ireland which falls under Lidl Ireland) of which 70 are within the M25.

Since launching in the UK in 1994, the company has grown consistently and while it is still a smaller player in the UK supermarket business, its importance, along with its chief competitor Aldi, is growing. It is estimated that more than half of all UK shoppers visit a Lidl or an Aldi over Christmas.

The Morrison's supermarket in Brentford has recently been sold for property development for a sum of over £16 million, according to reports in the property press. This could encourage a low-cost outlet such as Lidl to consider venturing into the area.

Lidl has also sought in recent times to move away from its cheap discount bulk buying image and has recently invested millions of pounds on a advertising campaign to give its products a more upmarket image.

Richard Taylor, Lidl UK Property Director said, "As we continue with our ambitious store expansion programme across the UK we're seeing strong demand, particularly within the Greater London area, for an intelligent retail choice like Lidl. The nature of our store concepts mean that customers will be able to carry out their full weekly shop no matter which store they visit, and have confidence that prices will remain consistent across all locations.

"We are looking forward to offering our fantastic value and quality products to more customers, as well as bringing new jobs and investment across London in the not-too-distant future."

September 18, 2015

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