Local Election Hopefuls Start To Canvass

Labour has announced its nine candidates for Chiswick


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The campaign for the local elections on May 22nd has begun and Chiswick will see nine candidates from the Labour Party attempting to win seats. Our local area currently has nine Conservative Party councillors in its three wards. It is understood all nine current councillors will be going forward again for election and

Here is the list of the Labour Party hopefuls, some of whom are new faces to local residents.


Crispin Flintoff has been a journalist for 20 years, working on a range of publications. He has been a Labour Party member since 2010 and founded the fundraising 'Stand Up For Labour' comedy nights in Chiswick. He recently organised a public debate on the future of local hospitals. He believes protecting these and other key public services is the most important issue facing Chiswick residents.

Nada Jarche (on left) has lived in the Borough since she was 10 years old, and attended local primary and secondary schools. She volunteers with Hounslow Race Equality Council and Hounslow Community Foodbox. Nada is involved in the Independent Scrutiny Board on improving landlord services. She will work to improve leisure and community provision for Chiswick if elected.

Mendora Ogbogbo lives in Chiswick and owns and runs her own training business. She also volunteers for a local charity, React - which supports low income families with disabled children. Mendora is a parliamentary officer for Age Concern, a member of UNITE and a campaigner on pension rights and social care needs. She is involved in the campaign against local hospital closure.

The current Conservative Party councillors for Homefields ward are:

Cllr John Todd, Cllr Robert Oulds, Cllr Gerald McGregor

Read about them here


Rakib Ruhel: Rakib has lived in the Riverside ward since 1998 and has a business in Brentford. An active member of several charitable committees he says; "I have a genuine passion to help those in need and if elected I will work hard to serve my ward residents"

Rasheed Bhatti: He has been living in the borough for the past 46 years and works as a science technician in a secondary school. "I am actively involved in the neighbourhood watch and am a member of our local residents association. I have always been interested in politics and want to be the voice of the local community where it matters."

Gordon Sheppy: He has spent most of his life in Chiswick and was educated at Strand-on-the-Green schools and Chiswick School. He works in the field of education, running his own consultancy. He believes growing up in Riverside has given him experience of the changes and development in the area.

The current councillors for Riverside ward are;

Cllr Paul Lynch, Cllr Felicity Barwood and Cllr Sam Hearn. You can read about them here

Turnham Green

Peter Nathan has lived in Chiswick for 28 years. He is an education adviser in South London, a school inspector and was a local school governor for 8 years. He was a councillor for Turnham Green in the 1990’s. in education, Peter is concerned about the need to support the local business economy in Chiswick, protecting Chiswick from over- development and ensuring high quality public services.

Andrew Lewin has lived in the area for three years, commuting from Turnham Green to his job in Central London. He wants Chiswick to prosper as a sustainable, diverse community, with access to high quality public services. Andrew is concerned by the dramatic increase in local house prices and one of his priorities as a Councillor will be to campaign for more affordable homes in Chiswick.

David McLoughlin has lived in Turnham Green ward for more than 20 years. David is a retired Information Technology Manager for a national communications company, and holds a BA in History as well as a BSc in Physics. David is keen to use his skills to address the issues raised with him on the doorstep by Turnham residents, if elected this May.

The current Councillors for Turnham Green Ward are:

Cllr Peter Thompson, Councillor Adrian Lee and Cllr Samantha Davies. You can read their profiles and previous election information here


April 5, 2014

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