Large Tree 'Attacking' House Of Elderly Couple

Tree is not due to be trimmed by Council until next year


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An elderly couple, aged in their eighties, one of whom is disabled say they cannot enjoy their home because of a huge tree which is literally 'attacking' their house because it is growing so close to their windows.

They say Hounslow Highways has refused to cut back the tree until 2017 because it is not currently listed in their schedule.

Brian Boothby, of Merton Avenue said; "My disabled wife and I no longer have the right to quiet enjoyment of our house which we bought over 50 years ago when the problem did not exist. We have complained about the tree for many years.

• Experience over many years shows that this tree will grow much more as we go into summer
• On windy nights the branches noisily rattle our bedroom windows. Opening a window allows branches to enter our bedroom.
• We have to keep lights on in our living room during daylight hours.
• Later on the year when honey dew falls from this tree a sticky mess is brought into our house. In our 80s my wife and I find this a problem to deal with.

Councillor John Todd said: 'Both Mr Boothby. and I have asked LBH and their tree contractor to remove the offending branches which bang on his house windows and materially reduce light too. We received the standard 'no can do until the next year or so' response which is not acceptable."

Cllr Todd added "It's not a timing consuming task I will continue to endeavour to seek resolution."

We have asked Hounslow Council for comment.

Cllr Todd said today the couple had been told that as an 'interim' measure, the tree would be trimmed by Hounslow Highways at the end of June..

May 19, 2016

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