Deadline for Comments on Mobile Phone Mast Extended

Vodafone has submitted renewed application for mast near Corney Road


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Local residents near Corney Road are concerned about a proposal to install a high mobile phone mast near their homes and schools.

Vodafone have applied to Hounslow Council to install a 12.5m high phone mast at the junction of Grantham Road, Edensor Road and Corney Road in Grove Park, Chiswick (W4 2RA).

The original deadline to comment has passed but this has now been extended and t he council are inviting comments on the proposal by 10 November .  

To make a comment click here or go to the council's planning website at and search by the Planning Reference 00306/N/COM2 or System Reference P/2016/4570.

A previous application was filed by Vodafone in February of this year for a mobile phone mast with four antennas and large equipment cabinet, all of the same dimensions - the mast was positioned just a few metres further north on the same piece of land.

This was refused on the basis that due to the height of the mast and prominence of the location it would be 'a visually intrusive form of development which would have a significant detrimental impact upon the character of the area and the visual amenities of residential neighbours'.  

Local residents maintain that the same reasons for the previous refusal apply to the new application which would have two additional antennas.  The piece of land where it would be positioned is attached to the Chiswick House Conservation Area.  They are especially concerned because of the proximity of the mast to local schools and that the positioning of the mast and cabinet do not take into account the large number of school children crossing at the junction who could be obscured from oncoming traffic by this equipment.


One local resident said; "As you can imagine people around here feel very strongly about the proposal but there are still some local residents who are not yet aware of it. We would urge them to make a comment as soon as possible before the deadline."

Vodaphone says in its planning application that it complies with government guidance on pre-application consultation with schools and colleges and provides evidence of this to local authorities.

October 20, 2016

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