New Online Link For Local Police To Contact The Public

OWL system to be used in the new Ealing and Hounslow areas


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OWL is an electronic communications database, to be used by the Police in the BCU West Area: Ealing, Hillingdon and Hounslow and by all the neighbourhood watch coordinators across the three boroughs which will enable targeted messaging and engagement to registered users.

The system went 'live'on May 16th, and from now on, Coordinators and Police will be able to interact with users in their Ward with messages which will include local crime trends, newsletters, and crime prevention leafets/advice.

• Some Appeals for high-risk high-harm incidents will emerge, including some Wanted Offender circulations

• A strong emphasis will be put on increasing Neighbourhood Watch networks across your Ward.

From Phase 2 Late June 2018 onwards ;

•Burglary cocooning goes digital, allowing Police to focus on Street Briefings and OWL registrations in affected streets
•SNTs will be able to use OWL to communicate with affected communities around ASB, electronic statements, etc.
•A Library of documents will be available for Coordinators to access and share as and when required
•Some Ward Panels will become “early adopters”, using OWL to engage with ward residents on local issues in order to strengthen Ward Promises, improving information to residents on “You Said We Did”

Register for free with either Neighbourhood Watch and/or Police Community Messaging. Users can receive targeted messages, information, and alerts through an email platform that is secure and discreet.

The Police and Neighbourhood Watch can interact with individual users, streets, groups of streets, wards, or across whole Boroughs, allowing targeted, relevant information to be shared. Additionally, bespoke Watches such as PubWatch, ShopWatch, BetWatch, etc. are an integrated feature of the system. There is no future cost for using the system and you’ll not receive advertisement or marketing messages.

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May 19, 2018

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