Local MP Expresses 'Frustration' Over Park Road Lights

Mary Macleod criticises Hounslow Council for not consulting residents


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Local MP Mary Macleod has described her frustration at the London Borough of Hounslow’s response to residents’ objections to the installation of new street lights on Park Road in Chiswick.

Residents voiced their concerns about the increased height and brightness of the new lights during a residents' meeting hosted by Mary on Park Road in July. Mary later wrote to Cllr Colin Ellar, Cabinet Member for Environment, to describe their views.

Mary received a response to her letter three weeks later which, she says, revealed that the London Borough of Hounslow had "little consideration" for Park Road’s Conservation Area status or consulting residents on their views before the change occurred.

Mary said: “I am pleased that the Local Authority is investing in streets across the Borough- however these changes need to take into account the nature of the area. The fact that Park Road is part of the Chiswick House Conservation area means that any changes should be in keeping with its character. The replacement eight metre high lamp columns do not do this. To hear that the Conservation Officer was not even involved in the decision making process serves as further confirmation that proper consideration of the area was not undertaken.

“Hounslow clearly has not taken the opinions of residents into account on this matter. While I recognise the importance of effective lighting to reduce crime, there is a compromise that must be made. It is simply ridiculous that residents of Park Road are unable to sleep at night because of LED lights flooding their front bedrooms”.

Cllr Colin Ellar, deputy leader of Hounslow Council, said: “The new energy saving lights in Park Road are part of our £800 million investment over 25 years to improve streets across the borough.

“While there is no requirement for a consultation on the installation or replacement of the lights, Hounslow Highways and the council have communicated this work to local residents on a consistent basis over the last six months, through stories and adverts placed in the local media and on our websites.

“While Park Road is in a conservation area, the previous lights were not of heritage or historic design – if they had been heritage lights they would have been replaced in a similar style.

“The new white lights are considered a valuable asset in the fight against crime and fear of crime as well as providing a safer environment for the pedestrian and the road user. The lights are also more efficient and will use less energy, helping to save the taxpayer money.

“This programme of replacement will be rolled out everywhere in the Borough over the next two years giving Hounslow the most modern lighting stock in the whole of London.”


August 9, 2013