Fashionista Launches Shop In Chiswick

Pippa Vosper of Harper's Bazaar and Vogue has opened RSPV in Chiswick Lane


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An ex-fashion editor of Harper's Bazaar, Pippa Vosper, has launched the RSPV store, in Chiswick selling past season high-end designer collection and runway samples.

Pippa, who is also a contributor to American Vogue and W magazines, has moved with her husband and young son Astor to W4 and has opened on a corner site of 35 Chiswick Lane and Wilton Avenue. The initials stand for 'Resurrected Season by Pippa Vosper'.

Fashionista Launches Shop In Chiswick

Pippa says she was inspired to open her shop as a way of reinventing the way designers sell past season stock and samples.

"I have been in the fashion industry for 15 years, contributing to American Vogue and Interview before taking the role of fashion editor at Harper's Bazaar, designers trust me and know that I will look after their collections in a way that is impossible during two-day frenzied sample sales at vast hired locations.

"I have a love/hate relationship with sample sales, on the one hand, when I leave with a Chloé dress at 90% less than retail I'm thrilled, but I'm also exhausted, have been pushed around more times than is acceptable and feel as though I have won a small battle just to be leaving with a dress. There had to be a better way, and it's my store, RSPV".

RSPV is stocking past season collections at 70-90% less than retail, runway/press samples, clothing with slight defects, designer prototypes.

"I love the fashion industry and I want to see whoever comes through my door walk away feeling great about the time they spent with me and my team here", she says.

"Since opening, I've been surprised at who has been buying the collections. Actresses, wonderful local clients, fashion insiders and one girl who had travelled from Amsterdam to buy many of the dresses from one particular designer I had in store."

She says that although she doesn't market RSPV as a 'sample sale' destination exactly, she does have many samples at under £100 and also £1200 dresses in the store being sold at 90% less than retail.. Designers will be announced about two weeks in advance, but as time is approaching for June, Pippa says that the next designer in residence at RSPV will be Versace.


May 19, 2015

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