Chiswick Placenta Specialist Praises Kim Kardashian

Says celebrity is right to consider eating placenta after baby is born


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Chiswick mother and placenta specialist Helen Morgan has urged new mums to follow the example of Hollywood celebrity Kim Kardashian. The pregnant star has announced that she plans to eat the placenta after the birth of her baby next month.

"Mothers consuming their placenta is not a new trend or exclusive to Hollywood ", says Helen Morgan who has set up as a qualified placenta specialist recently in W4.

Helen and her daughter

On Sunday's season premiere of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," the 32-year-old reality star revealed she might be interested in eating her own placenta after her baby girl is born, in order to help her look younger. The father of the child is rapper Kanye West.

Helen, who has a young daughter, visits local maternity hospitals or the mother's home right after the birth to collect the placenta and then prepares capsules for the new mothers to be delivered within two days.

"People spend a lot of money on buggies and baby equipment and this is a way of actually looking to optimise your health - nutrition is a big part of recovery. I have many midwives who are supportive of this", says Helen, who had a scientific and nutritional background before training in the technique.

The placenta is dehydrated using special equipment and then ground into powder.

"Taken as a supplement, human placenta provides a rich source of nutrition at exactly the time a new mother needs to support herself and a new baby. The capsules can replenish depleted iron to increase energy, reduce postnatal bleeding and help the uterus shrink back. Importantly it may increase and hasten milk production and reduce the likelihood of post-natal depression," she says.

Chinese medicine supports eating the placenta as it replenishes the 'cold' state of the body after childbirth with the 'warmth' of the nutritional placenta, flavoured with ginger and chilli to intensify the heat.

Apart from capsules, which look like vitamin pills, there is the possibility of having a raw food "smoothie" using berries to flavour the drink.

Helen says that she did not avail of the option to eat the placenta when her daughter was born and only found out about it afterwards. Her interest in the subject grew and she decided to undergo a training course on the technique.

"It's when celebrities get involved that the subject gets media attention but it is something that has been in existence in many cultures for years", says Helen.

The placenta encapsulation was discussed on television recently:


June 6, 2013