A Week In The Life Of A Chiswick Councillor

More on wheelie bins and hunting down old planning applications


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Cllr Sam Hearn, who represents the Riverside ward in Chiswick, is chairman of the Chiswick Area Forum. He has written this account of his life as a busy local councillor.

Saturday – 15th November: Phone calls to councillor colleagues about the wheelie bin “roll out” and other matters arising from the Area Forum.

Sunday – 16nd November: Looking through LBH web site for old planning applications trying to resolve a constituents concerns. Sent emails chasing up on unresolved casework.

Monday – 17rd November: Trying to arrange a meeting with Officers and seeking advice on legal/regulatory issues. Read and re-read a long complicated email from a disabled constituent who praised Councillor Lynch for his response to her earlier email. Realised that I had ignored her earlier email, because it was addressed to ten other people. My mistake.

Tuesday – 18th November: Investigating and answering queries about Wheelie bins. Not really what I should be doing?

Wednesday - 19th November: Leafleting in Ward and staying in contact with deliverers. Nice to receive a traditional hand delivered letter of thanks from a satisfied constituent – we do so much by email nowadays.

Thursday – 20th November: Casework relating to permission for tree surgery work and requiring more searching of planning records. Problems trying to print out important email attachments.

Friday – 21th November: Mid-morning meeting on site at small social housing project. At the Civic Centre for an afternoon meeting with Officers about a traffic report coming to the Area Forum in January.

November 22, 2014

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