Sublime Music In A Cold Church

A week in the life of a local councillor in Chiswick



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Cllr Sam Hearn who represents the Riverside ward in Chiswick, is chairman of the Chiswick Area Forum. He has written this account of his week as a busy local councillor

Saturday 14th March: To the Library to run this week’s Councillors’ Surgery. Nobody showed up so I spent my time catching up on Council emails via my I-Pad. The Civic Centre is out of bounds to councillors because of maintenance works so once again I have to print the papers off at home for my upcoming meetings. To Stoke Meon in Hampshire to sit in a ferociously cold church listening to sublime music performed by amazing musicians. The English take their pleasures sadly.

Sunday 15th March: A busy day achieving not very much. Some useful web searching provides me with good background information relating to the topics under discussion tomorrow.

Monday 16th March: The Housing and Environment Scrutiny Panel begins in a jolly end of term mood. But we certainly showed our teeth when addressing the papers presented by officers on Mogden Sewage Works, the performance of Serco Parking Services and the air quality in the Borough. I felt quite sorry for the young officer whose pie chart did not add up. A new panel will be appointed when we return after the General Election.

Tuesday 17th March: A constituent that I had previously assisted in unscrambling his council tax and housing benefit issues is in trouble again – can I help? My heart sinks but at least he sounds fairly up beat. Things seem to be improving on a number of fronts for this resilient man and his wife.

James Wisdom had wetted all our appetites before the meeting of the trustees of The Thomas Layton Collection by telling us that he had some good news. Our grant application to “a funding body” has been successful.

Wednesday 18th March: My early morning routine came crashing down around my ears when a constituent calls to ask advice on how to deal with work place harassment. The latest electioneering leaflet for us to deliver has arrived and must be quickly moved on to the volunteer deliverers. Decided to attend the meeting of the LBH Pension Fund Panel and provide moral support to Cllr Todd. I used to be a member of the panel and find the work that it undertakes fascinating.

Thursday 19th March: Early in the evening another campaign meeting. Complete the delivery of the latest leaflets to the Ward deliverers. On to a prearranged meeting in a pub to discuss with a constituent how the expansion of existing CPZs would impact parking in his area. Finally packing a bag and “pinging” this diary-blog off into the ether.

Friday 20th March: Up at 4.00am and flying to Berlin for a weekend break. I have a copy of the papers for next week’s Borough Council meeting in my bag to read on the plane – perhaps.

March 20, 2015


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