Rubbish 'Hot Spots' Annoy Local Residents

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Councillor Sam Hearn

Friday 2nd September: I see that Hounslow Highways is proposing joint action days with Hounslow’s Enforcement Team. The focus will be on fly-tipping, abandoned vehicles and ensuring businesses have waste contracts in place. None of the suggested “hot-spots” are in Chiswick Riverside Ward. I try to complete deliveries of our latest leaflet. Fortunately most of our deliverers are home from their holidays.

Saturday 3rd September: Standing in for another councillor at this morning’s Surgery. Street trees, planning permission problems and homelessness are the matters raised – a fair cross section of the problems that come to Chiswick Councillors. After the surgery I take photos of a dangerous street tree and email it in to be dealt with.

Sunday 4th September: The (non) collection of rubbish from street bins and the rubbish that ends up on pathways and in the gutters is continuing to upset several residents (see comments above about “Hot Spots”). I am pleased to receive a couple of emails confirming that old casework has been satisfactorily closed. This is a reminder that I should always seek confirmation that residents are happy that their queries and complaints have been properly dealt with.

Monday 5th September: One of life’s little pleasures, the annual dinner of the Chiswick Pier Trustees at home of the Management Committee’s Chair Sarah Hodgson. It’s a great way to get to know new trustees. Sadly I had to slip away before the dessert course in order to attend the end of the latest meeting of the Riverside Ward Committee. More exciting than it sounds!

Tuesday 6th September: Meeting at Kew Bridge with three Brentford Councillors and representatives of TfL to discuss plans for the new Cycle Super-Highway that will cross this notorious junction. The Kew Bridge intersection was running smoothly largely because Brentford High Road was shut. We expect to see some options being published early in the New-Year for discussion at the Chiswick and IB Area Forums. Plans for Wellesley Road and Stilehall Gardens will probably be aired at the next meeting of the CAF.

Wednesday 7th September: A quick trip into the Civic Centre for meetings and to pick up snail mail. It is surprising who you bump into in Hounslow’s corridors of power. Continue preparations for our session on the 17th for anyone wishing to run as a candidate in the 2018 Local Authority Election.

Thursday 8th September: A morning preparing papers for a meeting on the weekend and then back into the Civic Centre. The agenda papers for next week’s Borough council look daunting but most of the paperwork relates to compulsory purchase orders (CPOs) for land in Brentford Town Centre. I have to fight my instinctive hatred of CPOs and try and understand why the Hounslow Administration believes that such a “blanket-bombing” approach is necessary.



September 15, 2016

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