Dave Turtle 'On The Beat' In Chiswick

Shutting down a cannabis factory and dealing with stalkers


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Sgt Dave Turtle is Beat Manager for the Turnham Green policing ward

Now that Spring has sprung I am advising all our residents to make sure windows and doors are securely locked when unattended. We normally have a spike in burglaries this time of the year due to opportunistic thieves.

We have had reports of a white man who was drunk attempting to steal from church collection boxes and on one occasion at the Russian Orthodox Church the priest suffered a torrent of swearing and abuse from him on the premises. I would encourage all church goers at present to report any incidents like this, however minor.

Last week my team helped another Chiswick team in arresting Vietnamese men and seizing cannabis plants from a three bed roomed house in Gunnersbury Lane W4. I was amazed how many plants could be stuffed into such a small area ! These premises can present a real threat to public safety as the electricity is normally diverted to generate heat and light for these plants and thus presents a fire risk. If you notice a strong smell of cannabis from an address or that the windows are blacked out or covered with silver foil do report it.

I have also been highlighting to residents the impact of victims being stalked as part of National Stalking Awareness Week as below :

Research shows that nearly half of all stalkers will present at their victims workplace.
Victims of stalking may suffer from reduced productivity, absenteeism or tension arising from their situation with co-workers, adding to their distress and isolation.

Our animated film Is it Stalking? will help you identify what stalking looks like so you can manage it and if you don't have a workplace stalking policy - you can find tips and guidance here.

Please share this with your colleagues, it takes 2 minutes and could be life-saving.

Rachel Griffin
Suzy Lamplugh Trust

April 24, 2015

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