Mustard Gas Report 'Inaccurate' Say Sipsmith's

The Chiswick distillery says nobody was ever at risk from experiment four years ago


'Mustard Gas' Incident at Sipsmith's

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Sipsmith Gin Moving To Cranbrook Road

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The Chiswick based gin distillery Sipsmith's says that reports that it accidently made mustard gas during an attempt to make a new flavour were "inaccurate".

Co-founder Sam Galsworthy told today that the media reports related to something that happened when they were based in Hammersmith four years ago.

He said the team were experimenting with new flavours at the distillery and added high-street mustard powder to the gin recipe.

"A foul odour was produced, so we stopped the distillation process and we emptied the pot still. Then we opened the windows. The premises were not evacuated, and there was never any risk to employees or neighbours," he said.

The distillery is now based at Cranbrook Road, Chiswick.

'Mustard Gas' Incident at Sipsmith's

The report arose out of an interview in Time Out with an assistant distiller who was asked what was the most unusual flavour the distillery had ever tried out. She was quoted as saying that they had once effectively produced 'mustard gas' and that the distillery had to be evacuated. The quotes were then picked up by the national media.

Mr. Galsworthy said Sipsmith's had a "restless enthusiasm" for experimenting with flavours.

"We're always producing new flavours with our in-house experts, but there is never anything unsafe about what we've done, and we've won several awards in the past few years for our gin," he told today.

Sipsmith produces its own London Dry Gin and a Barley Vodka, both produced in small batches of fewer than 300 bottles. The distillery moved to the Chiswick premises so that it could accommodate a third copper pot still – 'Constance' - to sit alongside its existing stills 'Prudence' and 'Patience'.

The site where the distillery is based

The company is one of four gin distilleries located within London's city limits. Sipsmith was launched by Sam Galsworthy and Fairfax Hall, former employees of Fuller's and Diageo.

Sipsmith was originally established in London in 2009 and became the first copper-pot based distillery to start up in London in 189 years.


January 18, 2016

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