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Join Alastair Hilton for a session on how to expand your followers

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This seminar is for everyone who wants to get noticed on Social Media. You've taken your great photos and want more people to tell you how lovely they are!

The seminar takes place on September 20th from 7pm-8.30 pm.

Venue: The City Barge, 27 Strand-On-The-Green, Chiswick, London W4 3PH, UK

If you run a business this is for you. If you're an individual who wants to expand your followers on Twitter, Instagram and other social media, this is for you.

Alastair Hilton will be talking about how to get more followers and how to get you, your photos, and your business noticed. He will give you all of the tips and information you need to be successful and, if you're a business, get more customers. If you're an individual doing social media for just yourself, you'll discover how to get those followers to see your lovely photos.

This will be for approximately one and a half hours and gives you a chance to not only learn but meet new people. A relaxed setting, no big, heavy classroom session, just a way to meet people and get very valuable advice.

Tickets are £10, to book contact Alastair Hilton on 07850 882855

September 17, 2016
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