Can You Solve The Mystery Of Chiswick Soldier?

The name C Warren is carved on a stone in Normandy


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A local resident just returned from holidays in Normandy has asked readers if they can help identify a soldier from Chiswick whose name was carved in stone at the bed and breakfast where he was staying.

Outbuildings at the old farmhouse in Normandy had the names of three British soldiers who stayed there in September 1944, carved into the stone. One of them was C Warren from Chiswick?

Our reader says: "I have just returned from a week long cycling trip to Normandy.

"One of the places that I stayed was an old farmhouse which, only for the past five years, has been a "Chambre d'Hote" (Bed & Breakfast).

"On the morning that I was leaving, the lady who runs the place took me across the old farmyard to some outbuildings. There she showed me some carving in the stone around the door of one of the outbuildings.

"Three names were carved into the stone by British soldiers who had been staying in the outbuildings during World War Two, in September 1944.

"She told me that the man who lives next door to her, now 85 years old, remembers the British soldiers whom he took fruit and drink to when he was a teenager

"One of the soldiers, as you can see from the photograph, was from Chiswick. I wonder if there is anyone still in Chiswick who knew 'C. Warren'? Maybe his family still live in the area. Maybe C. Warren himself is still around?"

If anyone has any information about C Warren, they can email or and we will forward the information.



May 21, 2014

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