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Parking, rubbish collection blunders and squatters discussed


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In this issue of the Southfield email newsletter there are items about:

• Controlled Parking Zones Consultation Update

• Southfield Ward Forum Spends

• Ealing Council Agrees to Lib Dem proposals on rubbish collection blunders

• Success as Illegal Caravan Removed From Vale Grove

• Cunnington Street Road Safety Scheme

Controlled Parking Zone Consultation Update

During the past couple of years, many parking and Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) issues have arisen. Your Liberal Democrat Councillors persuaded Ealing Council to make the following changes after a ward wide consultation and discussion at the Southfield ward Forum meeting:

Zone R (Southfield CPZ) - the North-eastern side of the ward

• Change of hours to an hour in the morning and one in the afternoon, so that local residents will save money by having to purchase fewer permits for visitors

• The section of Southfield Road near the school, which is not often used, will become duel zoned meaning it can also be used by those in zone B

Zone B (Bedford Park CPZ) and Zone M (Acton Green CPZ)

• Not to move Montgomery Road from zone B to zone M

• Investigate the stop and shop bays to see if changes might be made to promote more use of the shopping parades in the area

Councillor Andrew Steed said: “We have agreed to monitor any changes after six months and to assess their impact. After numerous complaints we have asked the Council to consult residents on Dordrecht, Larden and Valetta Roads about changes that were made some two years ago, where the CPZ was extended to a Monday to Sunday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. operation.”


Southfield Ward Forum Spends

On 13th June your three local Councillors held their Southfield ward Forum meeting. Some of the items that were discussed or agreed were:

• Items of fitness equipment will be installed on the Southfield Recreational Ground

• Following consultation the parade near the corner of Southfield Road and Brookfield Road will be improved to make it easier to access and to encourage greater use

• Installing lighting near to the bridge at Fishers Lane

• The removal of yellow lines to allow for extra parking bays, at Ivy Crescent and Priory Road

• Signage at Evershed Walk to prevent large vehicles trying to enter  from Acton Lane

• New trees on Southfield Road, Rusthall Avenue, Acton Lane, Wilkinson Way, St. Albans Avenues, Ramillies Road, Vanburgh Road and Marborough Crescent

Councillor Harvey Rose said: “The ward forum meetings are a great chance for residents to discuss local issues and influence where the Councillors spend their money. The next meeting takes place at 7.30pm on 20th September at Carlton Road Day Centre, Carlton Road. Everyone is invited.”


Ealing Council Agrees to Liberal Democrat proposals on rubbish collection Blunders

Councillor Gary Malcolm handed in a large petition from residents across Ealing who were extremely annoyed at the new rubbish collection service run by Ealing Council. Liberal Democrat Councillor Gary Malcolm persuaded councillors from all parties to agree to recommendations which should prevent similar failures in the future.

A key recommendation was for Council officers to publish, before new contracts start, the details of contingency plans to deal with problems caused by contractors failing to deliver.

Councillor Gary Malcolm said: “The Council messed up badly and there are still problems. In the meantime the new garden waste scheme is not running smoothly. Residents see the £40 charge as a Labour Party underhand rise in the Council tax they pay. Recycling should be free or else fly-tipping will increase.”


Success as Illegal Caravan Removed From Vale Grove

A caravan in Vale Grove was being used illegally as a squat. After action from local residents and Councillors Andrew Steed and Gary Malcolm it was removed. After it was taken away, there was a huge amount of other waste that was also taken away.

Gary Busuttil, Liberal Democrat campaigner, said: “For a few months there was anti-social behavior such as squatters defecating and urinating on the street, and a lack of co-operation between Council departments. It was only after residents and local Councillors intervened that a rapid resolution occurred. If you have any environmental grot spots you want sorting out please email us.”

Cunnington Street Road Safety Scheme

Over the past year a number of safety concerns have been highlighted on Kingswood Road as well as the blind corner at Cunnington Street adjacent to Acton Lane. The car accident which happened in this area prompted local Liberal Democrat councillors to ask Ealing Council to resolve the problems.

Local Campaigner Gary Busuttil worked with Councillor Gary Malcolm in proposing a wider investigation. Gary Busuttil said: “Your Liberal Democrat team can confirm that we have persuaded Council officers to look at the wider local area and pass their proposals to the ward forum for review."

July 11, 2012

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