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The Southfield Forum latest update includes news on the Zone R CPZ, possible Green Flag status for Southfield Rec, the latest on the Local Hospital Consultation, as well as the Christmas Refuse and Recycling collections.

CPZ Zone R update

Your Southfield ward councillors have been informed that the previous agreement to alter the hours of operation of the Zone R Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) to one hour in the morning and one in the afternoon, will not be happening. The Council said that because fewer than 60% of residents who voted for the change it may be open to a legal challenge.

Councillor Gary Malcolm said: “Even though a legal challenge was unlikely we have managed to secure a re-consultation in the next year, likely in about 9 months’ time. We will update you of when we hear the consultation will take place.”

Christmas Refuse and Recycling collections

We have been informed that this year your refuse and recycling collections will change from Christmas Day, returning to normal from Monday 14th January. To help people dispose of real Christmas trees there will be a free collection service provided with weekly refuse and recycling collections from Monday 31 December until Friday 18 January.

Usual collection day                       Actual collection day

Monday, 24 December                  Monday 24 December

Wednesday, 26 December          Friday, 28 December

Monday, 31 December                  Wednesday, 2 January

Wednesday, 2 January                  Friday, 4 January

Monday, 7 January                          Tuesday, 8 January

Wednesday, 9 January                  Thursday, 10 January

Gary Busuttil said: “Given Ealing Council and its waste contractor, Enterprise, have failed over the past year do let us know if they do not collect your waste on the altered Christmas and New Year days. We can then speak to Ealing Council to get your waste collected.”

Local hospital consultation update

The NHS North West London consultation exercise finished in October and the initial results have been published. These show that the preferred Option A, which would see Hammersmith become a 'Specialist Hospital' and Charing Cross a 'Local Hospital' prevailed, though predictably the viewpoints varied depending upon which area of west London you lived in. The majority of residents in Hounslow and Ealing voted for Option A as it would preserve the status of the West Middlesex hospital.

The results are summarised on the website.

Councillor Andrew Steed commented: “The Policy of 'divide and rule' produced the result that NHS North West London desired and the final decision will be made in February 2013. Local NHS managers have already come out in support of the closure of the A&E departments at our local hospitals, and it looks very likely this will be agreed.”

Squatters removed from Dordrecht Road, Acton

London has always had a problem with squatters occupying residential homes, causing anguish amongst property owners and the community. Unfortunately Southfield has not escaped from this. As some of you may be aware, there was a particular problem with squatters in a property on Dordrecht road.

However, a new law took effect on 1st September 2012 making it illegal for squatters to occupy residential properties. You will be pleased to hear that on the 17th of October 2012, eight people were arrested, six for the new offence of squatting in a residential property on Dordrecht Road.

Gary Busuttil, member of the Southfield Ward Police Panel said; "This was a joint effort between Southfield and South Acton police teams, the UK Border Agency and the community. It highlights the excellent job our local police teams are doing in keeping Southfield one of the safest wards in the borough, and contributing to a safer Ealing by co-operating with neighbouring SNT's and the community to achieve this".

Southfield Rec – possible Green Flag status

At a recent Council meeting Liberal Democrats voted to see Council money, originating from developers, spent on improving Southfield Rec, so that in the next few years it may achieve a Green Flag status. Councillor Harvey Rose said: “Liberal Democrats have successfully campaigned for many years to get our parks and open spaces improved. Acton Park, which is sited nearby, has a Green Flag. If Southfield Rec can achieve the same status it will help to ensure it maintains a high benchmark of excellence.”

The Southfield Councillors wish everyone a Happy Christmas and New Year.

December 14, 2012

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