Rubbish Problems Continue In Southfield

Cllr Gary Malcolm says it's the dirtiest place in the borough


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Streets in the Southfield Ward area have continued to be the “worst in the borough” for dirt and litter, according to local Councillor Gary Malcolm, who says if he bought a brush he could do a better job himself.

Cllr Malcolm (Lib Dem) said Ealing Council and its new waste collection contractor Enterprise have allowed Southfield and surrounding areas to "go to the dogs”.

He has called on the Council and Enterprise to apologise to local residents for failing to fix the problem which has been running for the past seven months.

Cllr. Malcolm said a meeting between himself and the Leader of the Council Julian Bell last week, had failed to resolve the situation.

The problem started last April when newly appointed refuse contractor Enterprise failed to collect household waste and recycling rubbish due to a range of problems, including n ot having the correct vehicles. In August Cllr Malcolm and another councillor from Hanwell met an Enterprise manager to complain that the quality of the street cleaniless was very poor with litter, and waste left behind when black bags were collected.

Southfield is the worst in the whole borough, about ten per cent below the average in the monthly cleaning summary. All streets are meant to be Grade A and it is below that, he said.  

"It is a disgrace that the Council and the contractor, Enterprise, are allowing Southfield and other areas to go to the dogs. At the moment I feel that if I bought a brush I could do a far better job than Enterprise. Residents pay their Council Tax and are getting a very poor deal. The Council and Enterprise need to apologise and make a proper commitment to fix these problems. Anything else and I think it may only be legal action that can fix this," he said.

Local residents have said the streets are not regularly swept and recycling continues to be erratic with food waste strewn and recycling boxes thrown anywhere in the streets for residents to reover when they come home from work.

October 26, 2012

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