Southfield Councillors Sweep Up Streets

Say Council contractors left local area leaf-ridden


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Southfield ward Liberal Democrat councillors decided to take matters into their own hands when they saw piles of leaves left unswept on the streets. They picked up tools and decided to do the job themselves.

Cllrs Gary Busuttil, Andrew Steed and Gary Malcolm have posted two videos and a blog post of their work in Speldhurst Road saying they carried out the work when the Council failed to do so.

Streets in the Southfield Ward area have continued to be the “worst in the borough” for dirt and litter, according to local Councillor Gary Malcolm, who recently pledged to get a brush so he could "do a better job himself".

Cllr Harvey Rose said;" Sadly Ealing Council left many steets in Acton and Chiswick unswept and leaf-ridden. How long before someone falls over? "

The councillors have recently been "inundated" with responses to their survey on Ealing council's waste collection and street cleansing.

Only 21% (one in five people) said they thought that the quality of street cleansing and litter picking in the area was good or very good. In terms of the collection of household waste and recyclables, 70% of residents thought the service was less than good. A total of 78% of residents had contacted the Council to report problems with the waste collection.

The street with the most issues was St Albans Avenue. One resident told the survey; "During our Monday collection, so much recyclable rubbish is left on the road and there is NO cleaner to pick it up afterwards."

In the Southfield newsletter December issue, the matter of parking permits for carers is also discussed, the pledge by Ealing Council to spend £2 million repairing pavements and roads, and adult learning courses available from the Council.

You can read more at : Ealing Liberal Democrats  

December 14, 2013

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