Ealing Council Urged To 'Branch Out' To Locals

Residents in Southfield want information in advance of tree works


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Local Liberal Democrat councillor Gary Malcolm says that he and his colleagues have been inundated with complaints and queries from locals about Ealing Council's tree pruning and removal operations.

Cllr Malcolm said that in Esmond Road in his Southfield ward, a tree had been removed "without any explanation". Further to his approaching Ealing Council it had now been agreed that notices would be placed on trees prior to their removal in order to give information to residents.

Trees are often removed due to disease, but at present residents are confused, he said.

An example of a tree pruning operation

"How are residents to know whether these large and well-loved trees are to be pruned or cut down if the Council signs are either not present or not detailed enough? The Southfield Liberal Democrat councillors believe that the Council should write to residents in advance to explain why and when they are removing trees and when they are due to be pruned.”

Trees are an important issue with locals. Last year, the Southfield ward held a meeting with the Council's tree officer to discuss problems with pruning including complaints from locals when contactor destroyed a nest in a tree.


October 9, 2013

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