Union Protest At Starbucks Over Pay

GMB gather at company head office in Chiswick


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Members of the GMB union held a protest over pay outside the head office of Starbucks in Chiswick today (Dec 4).

The union is accusing the American coffee chain of avoiding paying the Living Wage - which is set at £8.55 in London and £7.45 outside.

It also claims that Starbucks have reportedly resorted to cutting paid lunch breaks, sick leave and maternity benefits for 8,000 British workers. The union is also unhappy with new contractual terms being circulated to staff across 750 Starbucks stores.

A number of union members held banners and stood outside the coffee chain's UK headquarters at the Chiswick Business Park this morning (Dec 4). The company is under scrutiny over its UK tax arrangements and has been criticised for availing of tax avoidance schemes.

The union has described Starbucks as "an anti-social company" and said it was presenting a "corporate ASBO" to Starbucks over its failure to pay its fair share of taxes and pay a living wage to its employees.

"GMB members employed by the company have told the union that Starbucks plan to cut terms and conditions on paid 30 minute lunch breaks and paid sick leave for the first day of illness. Some staff will also see pay increases frozen and there will be cuts in maternity benefits.

"GMB has members in Starbuck stores but the company does not recognize any trade union nor is there any collective bargaining on pay and conditions. Starbuck unilaterally decide what the rates of pay and terms and conditions are for their staff and reserve the right to make changes with no consultation with their staff. " said the GMB.

December 4, 2012

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