Great Success For St Nicks In Bloom Festival

Floral displays enjoyed by locals and visitors

the main altar decorated with flowers at st nicks


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St Nicks In Bloom Festival event over the weekend was judged to be a great successl.

"From the flowers to the music and hospitality to our friends and neighbours we had a great weekend and many visitors", said a spokesperson for the event.

The team of volunteers had made several forays to the flower markets as well as collecting local blooms and foliage, and preparing the new organ for the musical event which accompanied the floral displays.

The St Nick's In Bloom was a three-day event for the community to enjoy but also with a view towards the future, as fundraising work will soon start up again. The church needs around half a million pounds to continue with its work.

lady chapel at st icks

The Lady Chapel, a Wedding

Vicar of St Nicholas, Father Simon Brandes said; "This weekend in flowers and music marks the successful completion of this part of our development campaign. We have adapted our church for mission in the 21st century. With the help of the community we now have one of the finest organs in the area, new boilers to keep us warm which will protect the church, together with new lighting."

poppe remembrance panel at st nicks

Poppy Remembrance display with wire cut out Tommies

the hogarth tomb with floral swag

A swag at the Hogarth tomb



May 18, 2018

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