Tilting Topiary Triggers A Storm In A Tea Cup

Residents unite to save Chiswick's 'fun and frivolous' foliage

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Whilst it brings pleasure to many Chiswick residents, someone apparently has complained to Hounslow Council that Riverview Grove's topiary teapot is a health and safety issue because it overhangs the pavement.

The news has prompted calls for a petition to save the 'fun and frivolous' foliage.

"Anyone who has walked along Riverview Grove for the last ten to fifteen years will have seen the teapot shaped hedge. Well someone has taken it upon themselves to complain to the council that it overhangs the pavement. It may now have to be taken down," said an unhappy resident.

"Its given delight to many a small child as we've strolled passed," added one mother whilst another said, "My whole family adores that teapot! It's been a welcome diversion en route to the GP these last few years when my children have been ill."

Joining the forum discussion, a father gave his views. "Over the last few years I must have walked past the teapot dozens of times with my girls on our way for a walk along Strand on The Green. It has never been anything other than a lovely bit of fun for them, it would be such a shame if it were destroyed. OK, maybe it does protrude out on the pavement a bit but I have never had a problem walking past it and never collided with it at all."

A Hounslow Council spokesperson commented, “We received a complaint from a resident via his Ward Councillors regarding some overgrown hedges along Riverview Grove. Council staff visited the house and wrote to the relevant property owners advising them to cut back the overgrown vegetation as they were potentially a risk to members of the public.

“In the case of the hedge which has been formed like a teapot, we advised the resident to try and cut back the hedge as the complainant has mentioned that this hedge forces people to walk out onto the unmade section of the footway.”

“The council has clearly pointed out that they appreciate the topiary effect and the work that has been undertaken and therefore offered suggestions and solutions to keep the topiary and to make the footpath safe as we like to work with our residents and not against them. We are also aware that this hedge has been in place for many years.”

September 24, 2010