Local Man Takes On Challenge Of A Lifetime

Stuart Wisbey will attempt Tough Mudder for charity


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A local businessman is set to take on the challenge of a lifetime in aid of a children's charity when he attempts an obstacle course described as " probably the toughest event on the planet".

Stuart Wisbey, a director of the Stone & Ceramic Workshop is in training in his bid to complete the Tough Mudder challenge in April.

Stuart about to set off on a fifteen mile training run

Tough Mudder, designed by members of the Special Forces pushes competitors to their physical and mental limits as they complete a 10-12 mile obstacle course in very difficult conditions - at one stage they run through a muddy course getting electrical shocks.

Stuart, who lives in Carshalton, but has worked in Chiswick for several years based at the Stirling Road business of Stone & Ceramic Workshop, says he was inspired to become involved in fundraising for children's charity, Childline and the NSPCC, following the tragic death of a friend's brother.

“The youngest brother of one of my closest friends died at a very young age and my friend Aaron has dedicated his spare time to raising money for the NSPCC.

“We've all got young people in our lives and in our families. I think when you hear about these tragic events and you think of how lucky you are in your own life, you’ve got to step up and help out.”

Stuart will be competing on 27 April at the Henley Tough Mudder course and has been in training since last October.

“I spoke to my older brother who is in the Army and he advised me to start running. I did a two-mile run and had to stop about six times. Then I realised I needed to get into training properly.

“I told myself if I managed five miles without stopping before Christmas I would give myself a week off training as a treat- and in fact I did my first ten-mile run before that."

He also joined a Sunday football team and trains evenings after work and weekends in between looking after his six year old daughter.

His latest run was home from work to Carshalton earlier this week- a distance of roughly fifteen miles.

You can donate to Stuart's fundraising campaign by clicking on the following link-

http://www.nspcc.tributefunds.com/LiamHearne. This which will take you to Liam’s site and directly to the NSPCC. Watch out in the next few weeks for details of Stuart's project on the Stone & Ceramic website, Twitter and Facebook.

January 24, 2014

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