Mystery Vandal Attacking Trees Say Locals

Someone is attacking trees in the Glebe Estate


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A Chiswick resident has warned people to be on the lookout for someone who vandalise trees, following a series of incidents in the Glebe Estate area.

The spokesman for the local Glebe Estate residents group said the tree in the picture (below) was regularly vandalised .

"A sapling was planted outside 12 Dale Street about 30 metres away from this tree in Binns Terrace . The sapling was regularly vandalised to the point where Hounslow removed it altogether," he said.

"The vandalism follows a pattern of ripping at major branches without removing the branch altogether. It soon dies or tree maintenance remove it.

"Similarly a sapling in front of Barclays Bank on the High Road was repeatedly vandalised to the point where it had to be removed. Hounslow say they will not replace a vandalised tree", he said.

Concerned locals have put leaflets through doors and the vandalism incident has been reported to the local police.

“We want people to be aware this is happening and that there are people out there who obviously don't like trees and want to destroy them. All these incidents happen at night and we’d like people to be aware of any suspicious activity”, he said.

Six saplings which have been planted in the area are now being watched to make sure they are not attacked, he said.

“ It costs £3,000 to put a tree in the ground and maintain it. We’re very anxious to keep all our trees in the area, not only from an amenity perspective but because trees are vital to combating pollution in London. Whoever is doing this needs to be stopped, “ he added.

May 16, 2013

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