Vape Emporium To Open In Devonshire Road

The e-cigarette shop offers a substitute for smokers trying to quit

The interior of a Vape Emporium


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Chiswick is to get a 'vape shop' in Devonshire Road. The e-cigarette shop is aiming to encourage people keen to give up smoking to try out their substitute product.

The business is the brainchild of Amar El-Zayat and Andy Logan, who started the first Vape Emporium in Hampstead four years ago. The Chiswick Vape Emporium will be based in the former Bagista store.

Vape Emporium encourages customers keen to give up smoking. They will have a bar where guests are encouraged to try any of the 200 different flavours and then get advice from the staff. They will then select a vape stick, battery and a tip, which range in price from £30, through to diamond-encrusted ones worth several thousand pounds.

The founders are ex-smokers so they say they can sympathise with anyone trying to quit. They have both lived in Chiswick so are very familier with the area.


Andy Logan (above left with his business partner Amar) told that they were very much looking forward to opening in Devonshire Road.

"We wanted a shop in Devonshire Road so we were keeping an eye open and we both thought it was the perfect venue for us," he said. The two have been friends since university and founded the Vape Emporium business together in 2013- prior to that they had both been looking for for an opportunity to set up their own business.

Amar was a civil engineer and worked on projects including Heathrow's Terminal Five and the Olympic Park, while Andy worked for Peter Jones, the Dragon's Den businessman, for three years, before running a film distribution company.

Vaping has only been popular for about five years but there are now 2.8 million users in the UK, and 98 per cent of them are ex smokers. The NHS and British Medical Health Foundation say vaping is much less harmful than smoking. The customer can adjust the level of nicotine and choose from hundreds of flavours, or can use the vaping stick without any nicotine at all.

They hope to open the Vape Emporium in September, following on the success of their stores in Hampstead and Richmond.

August 19, 2017

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