Charity For Visually Impaired People Welcome Plan For CS9

Say that it will be an opportunity for members to use two-seater tricycles


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In a response to the Transport for London CS9 consultation, Martin Greaves, Senior Operations Manager for Middlesex Association for the Blind stated:

"One service that we are actively looking to be able to provide is the opportunity for visually impaired people to cycle. This is through the use of two seater tricycles which take a sighted guide seated alongside a visually impaired rider. This provides a much needed opportunity for the visually impaired to participate in cycling and to exercise.

tricycle for the blind and visually impaired

Image from Middlesex Association for the Blind website

Safer roads to cycle on will provide us with greater opportunities to take the trike clubs to different regions thus allowing us to operate more clubs. In addition, this will provide our members with opportunities to cycle at different venues rather than being limited to a single venue.

The protected cycle lanes of the CS9 route will thus help us to expand upon these possibilities. They will also make London a more attractive city in which to build and run our services."

The Association owns a specially manufactured two-seater tricycl which allows those with visual impairments to enjoy cycling supported by a sighted person. They have been able to use the tricycle in parks and gardens including Kew Gardens, and at Rickyard Cafe in Walpole Park in Ealing.

October 25, 2017

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