Local Anti-Wheelie Bins Campaign Continues

Starting this week only rubbish in wheeled bins will be collected


Wheelie Bin Implementation Descends Into Chaos

Council Leader Defiant On Wheelie Bins

Locals Choosing To 'Opt Out 'Of Wheelie Bins

Wheelie Bins Set To Roll Into Chiswick

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Opposition to wheelie bins continues in Chiswick as residents turn to social media to voice their complaints against the new service - A Facebook page has been set up at www.ihatemywheeliebin.co.uk

Residents who are against the bins can download the poster from the site and paste it onto their wheelie bin. However Hounslow Council insists that the new service has been a success and has posted positive comments from residents in other area of the borough on its website.

From this Wednesday, (Dec 3) which is collection day for most areas of Chiswick, refuse collectors won’t collect waste left in black bags or alternative bins.

The anti-wheelie bins poster

The first official week of wheelie bin collection last week had mixed results in Chiswick, with some residents saying there was still confusion and uncertainty about the new service. There were complaints that rubbish had not been collected in some streets while in other areas, it went smoothly.

Waste crews last week were told to collect excess rubbish that was left out in black bags or in bins that aren’t wheelie bins because of confusion the previous week over whether the new service had actually started.

People have been invited to give their feedback to Hounslow Council on how they feel about the new service in trial areas across the borough. Over 20,000 wheelie bins were delivered to selected areas in the past few weeks.

Cllr Steve Curran, Leader of Hounslow Council, said: “I know there have been a few initial problems, and that is to be expected, the first collections have happened relatively smoothly.

“However, we’re not complacent and we’re very keen to hear from residents about the new service. We have teams of staff out and about talking with residents, answering their questions and providing them with information on collection dates and how to recycle more.”

It is understood that Cllr Curran has agreed to publish the criteria for deciding which streets should have wheelie bins, following requests from Chiswick councillors. Several resident's groups say their streets in Chiswick have small front gardens which are not suitable for the bins and have asked how the Council decided which areas should be eligible for the bins.

LBH has published on its website, comments from residents who they say are in favour of the new system.

According to the Council , comments in Hounslow included:
“Great, much easier to put out, less spillage, keep away vermin, keep it going.”
“Congratulations a well-run initiative, much cleaner for us personally and I have seen less rats down the road.”
“Brilliant service, expand so that everyone in Hounslow has a wheeled bin.”
“Best ever idea that happened on our street, the street looks much cleaner and tidier.”
“Keep it up for introducing the wheeled bin for cleaner, safer and pollution free environment.”

The Council says if you would like to share a bin with a neighbour or you and your neighbours want a smaller number of bins, this can be arranged.


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